Mag.(FH) Thyago Ohana, B.Sc.
Born on February 21st, 1985
Place of Birth: Manaus, Brazil
Place of Residence: Vienna, Austria
Nationality: Brazilian
Holder of Austrian Residence and Work Permit.


Media Informatics
2017-2019 (expected), University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Expected Degree: Master of Science (MSc)

Business Informatics
2012-2015, FH Technikum Wien, Vienna, Austria
Achieved Degree: Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Diploma Thesis: (Read more…)

International Marketing and Management
2006-2010, Lauder Business School, Vienna, Austria
Achieved Degree: Magister (FH) *
Overall Classification Achieved: Passed with Credit
Nominations: Dean’s List**
Diploma Thesis: (Read more…)

* The Magister degree is the Austrian equivalent of the international Master’s degree. For more about the Austrian Framework of Higher Education, please visit this link.
** This list shows students who have taken up above-average social and personal engagement and have shown a very good success in studies.

Current Work Positions

Online Marketing Manager, since July 2017
e-2 Communicationa GmbH, Vienna, Austria
Industry Focus: Sports and Sports Betting
Region Focus: Latin America
Main Tasks
Market Research
Regional Business Development
Digital Media Planning and Buying
Web/Mobile Exclusive and Affiliate Marketing
Strategic Performance Marketing
Campaign Development and Implementation
Data Analysis and Campaign Optimisation

Digital Marketing Consultant, since May 2017
Various SMEs, Vienna, Austria
Main Tasks
Content Strategy and Online PR
Marketing Automation
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Display Advertising
Email Marketing

Media Manager, since July 2008 (part-time)
European Center for Jewish Students/
Jewish European Professionals, Brussels, Belgium
Main Tasks
Print and Online Media Planning and Development
Online Marketing
Content Management
Branding and Publicity
Web and Graphic Design

Past Work Experiences

Marketing Officer
Online Marketing Assistant
Graphics Database Manager
Graphic Designer
Program Coordinator
Program Coordinator
English Teacher
English Teacher

2010-2017, Embassy of India, Vienna Austria
2009-2010, e-merch GmbH, Vienna Austria
2008-2009, SBA GmbH – Import & Export, Vienna Austria
2007-2008, Jewish Heritage Center, Vienna Austria
2007-2009, The Beit Midrash Club Program, Vienna, Austria
2004-2005, Castilla – Curso de Idiomas, Belém, Brazil
2003-2005, Castilla – Curso de Idiomas, Belém, Brazil
2002-2003, “Organização Bilíngue do Pará”, Belém, Brazil


Advanced Computer Skills
Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Data Analysis, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, WordPress CMS, Digital Media Production and Management

Intermediate Computer Skills
SEO, HTML, CSS, PHP, Java Script, Java, C#, SQL, R Statistics, Joomla! CMS, Salesforce CRM, SAP ERP


Natural Leader, Spokesman, Active Listener, Flexible, Dynamic, Pro-active


Leadership, Strong Sense of Organization, Easily Adaptable, Self-motivated, Multicultural Outlook


Strong Technology Understanding & Adaptability, Presentation Skills, Analytical Skills, Innovative


Creativity, Arts and Music appreciation, Independent Computer-based Artist, Painter & Movie-Maker, Acting Bent


Native Brazilian Portuguese
Fluent English, Spanish and German
Advanced French
Basic Hebrew

Other Education

Integrated Online Marketing
Photography Learning Path
Adobe Photoshop Mastery
Adobe Premiere Essentials
Big Bang to Dark Energy
Wordpress 3.0 Essentials
Advanced Social Marketing
XHTML and HTML Essentials
Basic eMarketing
Managing Spam
Adobe Photoshop Advanced
Adobe Illustrator Mastery
Jewish Learning Seminar
Business Staging Seminar
Time & Self-Management
Jewish Leadership Program
Talmudic/Jewish Law
Visual Arts Studies
Computer Science Studies
English Proficiency Diploma
Senior High School

2017, – Online Training Platform
2016, – Online Training Platform
2016, – Online Training Platform
2016, – Online Training Platform
2014, The University of Tokyo on Coursera
2011, – Online Training Platform
2010, eMarketing Association, Westerly, USA
2010, – Online Training Platform
2010, eMarketing Association, Westerly, USA
2010, – Online Training Platform
2010, – Online Training Platform
2009, – Online Training Platform
2008, European Center for Jewish Students, La Toussuire, France
2008, Lauder Business School, Vienna, Austria
2007, Lauder Business School, Vienna, Austria
2007, ECDL Foundation, Vienna, Austria
2006-2008, Lauder Business School, Vienna, Austria
2006, ETS TOEFL Educational Testing Center, New York, USA
2005-2006, Rabbinical College of America, Morristown, USA
2005, Universidade da Amazônia, Belém, Brazil
2004, Centro Universitário do Pará, Belém, Brazil
2002, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
2002, Grupo Educacional Ideal, Belém, Brazil

Voluntary Work

Program Coordinator
Youth Program Assistant
Youth Representative

2006-2007, Jewish Heritage Center, Vienna, Austria
2005, Kadima, Belém, Brazil
2001-2002, Res. Sol Nascente, Belém, Brazil

Personal Style Indicator

Provided by CRG Consulting Resource Group International, the Personal Style Indicator provides an organized view of how one perceives oneself while also revealing the likely consequences of one’s style. As one become more keenly aware of those consequences, one can plan to develop greater style flexibility to increase effectiveness at home or at work. The summary of my assessment is:

The productive pattern is characterized by a dynamic balance between the rational and intuitive tendencies. There is a keen insistence on quality results, but at the same time, a searching sensitivity regarding new perspectives and the unexpected. This pattern is both unusual and complex in nature, due to the demanding and conflicting qualities of three high dimensions. It would seem that not many people are willing or able to be result orientated, perfectionistic, and emotionally and intuitively sensitive at the same time. Style flexibility is a major and distinctive mark of this unique pattern. The productive pattern is generally characterized by intensity, insistence on creative quality and results all at the same time.

Extra-curricular & Inter-disciplinary Activities

Wine Tasting Fundamentals
Art History Learning Trip
Movie Director/Script Writer
Art History Learning Trip
Art History Learning Trip
Art History Learning Trip
Book Writer
Article Writer
Short Movie Director
Stage Director/Script Writer
Stage Acting

2012, Weinakademie, Vienna, Austria
2010, Prague, Czech Republic
2008-2010, Independent Productions
2008, Milan, Rome, Florence and Pisa, Italy
2007, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2006, Paris, France
2006, ‘Personal Memories of Someone Else’ (Unpublished)
2002, ‘A Movie that Is a Show’ (Writing Contest Winner)
2001, ‘No Title’ (Short-movie Contest Winner)
2001, ‘Vida’
2001, ‘Farra de Atores’

Seminars & Workshops

BRICS Conference
BRICS Conference
Biological Piracy
Game Engineering
Team Diversity

2011, Vienna, Austria
2010, Vienna, Austria
2008, Vienna, Austria (by Amazonlink President, M. Schmidlehner)
2006, Vienna, Austria (by Nobel Prize Winner, Robert J. Aumann)
2005, Belém, Brazil

Awards & Nominations

Dean’s List Nomination
Best Student of the Course
Best Essay
Best Short Movie
Best Student of the Semester

2006, Lauder Business School, Vienna, Austria
2005, Universidade da Amazônia, Belém, Brazil
2002, CCBEU Essay Contest, Belém, Brazil
2002, CCBEU Short Movie Contest, Belém, Brazil
2001,2000, CCBEU, Belém, Brazil