Thyago Ohana

I am a young professional who loves to transform businesses by empowering people through technology and by co-creating digital experiences everyone loves.

My 7 Rules in Life: Think positively. Exercise daily. Work hard. Worry less. Be happy. Relax often. Love always. And if it all seems too optimistic to be true, I always remember: happiness is a skill and it can be learned!

"If I don't have any shadows, I'm not standing in the light"

What I Do

Marketing meets Technology

With academic degrees combining Economics and Business Administration with Business/Media Informatics, I deliver innovation-powered solutions that drive concrete objectives. See my full resume.

Integrated Digital Marketing

I design, deploy and monitor omnichannel digital marketing strategies, including web, email, social media, content marketing, SEO/SEM and display advertising campaigns.

Customer Experience Management

I create customer journeys designed to maximize customer value and exceed expectations by combining strategic positioning and digital effectiveness in the creative process. Get in touch!

Digital Transformation

I bridge the gap between digitalization and business growth by empowering teams to become digitally aware and by making use of technology as an enabler for data-driven decision-making.


10 Years of Experience

Full-time Experience

2018 - Current
Boehringer Ingelheim

Regional Digital Content Manager

Region Focus: Central, Eastern & Southern Europe / Russia & CIS / Israel
• Provide digital marketing/customer experience consultancy for brand teams.
• Oversee the creation and use of omni-channel digital content relevant to medico-marketing campaigns aligned with the integrated customer journeys and consistent with brand plans.
• Work with production houses to develop digital projects, ensuring these meet corporate/industry standards, rules and approvals.
• Manage corporate digital assets, including their rollout in all the region’s operational units.
• Lead innovation and transformation by identifying trends and opportunities.

E-2 Communications GmbH

Regional Online Marketing Manager

Region Focus: Latin America
Most proud of: building the company's national media portfolio in Brazil, positioning it as the world's first agency to have a native Brazilian digital media toolkit in the sports betting industry.
Main Tasks
• Carried out media landscape research and mapped opportunities for market penetration.
• Provided strategic and regional business development consulting for clients in pre-market-entry phase.
• Led region's digital media planning and buying activities.
• Managed web/mobile exclusive and affiliate marketing campaigns including ad server monitoring.
• Collaborated cross-functionally on web/mobile UX Design localization projects.

Embassy of India

Marketing Officer

Region Focus: India-Austria
Most proud of: being the officer on duty as India-Austria trade volume experienced an increase by 45% to 1.6 billion euros (2010-2017) and India received 193 million euros of investments from Austria, an increase by 76% to its 2010 level.
Main Tasks
• Developed digital nation branding strategy for India in Austria and curated all content for its multi-channel campaign deployment.
• Monitored bilateral commercial landscapes and performed market research.
• Launched and managed two new web portals, a database system, an e-mail marketing platform, a data analysis tool and several social media channels.
• Hosted bilateral commercial meetings and trade events, including the Indian presidential visit to Austria in 2011.
• Monitored Austrian and Indian advances in technology, seeking synergies and bilateral tie-ups.

e-Merch GmbH

Online Marketing Assistant

Most proud of: setting up, managing and launching Salesforce CRM and the marketing automation IT infrastructure for the company.
Main Tasks
• Deployed new e-mail marketing platform and processes associated with it.
• Co-developed the company's multi-channel online marketing plan targeting their expansion in non-German speaking countries.
• Established cross-unit content management and collaboration processes.
• Supervised online campaigns implementation and Reporting.

Part-time Experience

Various Start-ups, Vienna

Digital Strategy Consultant

Non-profit. Honorary.
Focus: Start-ups
• Provide consulting on content strategy and online PR.
• Advise on social media, search engine and content marketing best-practices.
• Develop multi-channel marketing automation strategies and deployment-plans.

2008 - Current
Jewish European Professionals, Belgium

Digital Media Advisor

Non-profit. Project-based.
• Provide digital media and technology consulting for online communications planning.
• Develop content strategy, advising on choice of media, technology, channel, platform and timelines.


University of Vienna

Media Informatics

Master of Science, M.Sc.
Completed the full curriculum of the Digital Media Production module as specialization. Degree program paused between 2019-2020 to pursue an Executive MBA.

Smartly Institute

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

To anticipate the disruptive impact of 'innovation and digitalization' on higher education, I am a proud student of this "mobile-first" online cohort Executive MBA degree program and ready to leave a footprint in the history of educational technology.

FH Technikum Wien

Business Informatics

Bachelor of Science in Engineering, B.Sc.
Specialization: Mobile Computing
Thesis Research Focus: Social Media Marketing

Lauder Business School

International Marketing and Management

Magister in Economics and Business Administration, Mag.(FH)
Thesis Research Focus: Customer Behavior


Portuguese - Native


English - C2


Spanish - C1


German - B2/C1


French - B2


Hebrew - A2



  • Web Technologies
  • Digital Media Production
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media
  • User Experience
  • Content Management


  • Positive Thinker
  • Natural Leader
  • Spokesperson
  • Active Listener
  • Team Player
  • Self-Motivated
  • Well-organized
  • Goal-oriented
  • Digital Media Production
  • Creative Thinking
  • Music Enthusiast
  • Photography
  • Social Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Creative Skills

A day in my life



Traveler and Social Entrepreneur

Volunteering - Experiments in Social Entrepreneurship

Fundraiser and Volunteer

In 2018, I organized a GoFundMe Charity Campaign to raise money for children in Cape Verde. The project exceeded its goal and the proceedings were 100% invested in a children's library, clothing and food supplies for a group of 80 kids. My motivation was the idea of making out of my holidays an opportunity to leave a good social footprint in the world.


Duolingo Global Ambassador

Since early 2018, I organize free language exchange events for learners of Portuguese and Spanish in Vienna. My goal is to give students who use Duolingo, the  world's largest online language learning App, a chance to practice their language skills beyond the screen. My motivation is the belief that free education can change the world. This is my Duolingo Events page.


Free Hugs Vienna Organizer

Since 2013, I organize the social initiative Free Hugs Vienna. My goal is to provide a platform for like-minded people to brighten up other people's lives with free hugs. My motivation is to see smiles on people’s faces. I believe we make the world a better place one hug and smile at a time. This is how I became a Free Hugger.

Traveling - Multicultural Education at its best

Other Hobbies

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    Card Magic
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  • Icon of a diving mask and snorkle representing one of my hobbies: Diving.

Free Hugs

My Passion for Smiles

How I became a free hugger

It all started on an ordinary day while I was walking down the streets of Paris. A couple was stading my way holding up a sign saying ‘FREE HUGS’. I walked towards them. Both hugged me and in silence, we all smiled. As I left them behind after getting my ‘free hug’, I felt it! The smile that accompanied me for the rest of that day inspired me to start researching about the Free Hugs Campaign.

Back at home, I invited some friends to join me for my first free hugs spree in the Austrian capital, and this is how the group Free Hugs Vienna was born in the summer of 2013. Since then, hundreds of other supporters have joined me in bringing smiles to the faces of thousands of people whose path we have crossed with open arms.

Next you will find a selection of articles and interviews from my journey as a Free Hugger. If you want to be informed about the latest updates and events of the Free Hugs Vienna initiative, just LIKE our page on Facebook to start following us.

"Free Hugs and I" in the Media

Free Hugs Vienna on Facebook


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