Thyago Ohana

For over a decade, I inspire people and organizations to innovate.

In working across the globe with governments, SMEs, IDEs and large corporations, I've learned that most are really good at innovating. It is transitioning from the old to the new where people and companies really struggle.

I bring my passion for people, technology and the future to tackle this transition and lead innovation from idea to impact.

My 7 Rules in Life are: [1] Think like an optimist. [2] Practice intentional self-care. [3] Develop meaningful connections. [4] Enable the full potential in others. [5] Never stop learning. [6] Treat the janitor and the CEO with the same smile. [7] Learn to let go.

What I Do

I'm determined to transform businesses

I help organizations redefine their role in their industry‘s ecosystem by connecting today's core business with adjacent and transformational opportunities and business models of the future.

I speak corporate and start-up

I accelerate corporate innovation by connecting people, building trust and managing mechanisms for ecosystem engagement such as hackathons, incubators and accelerators.

I lead change one smile at a time

I transform businesses by inspiring, empowering and engaging people. I strongly believe high-tech goes hand-in-hand with high-touch, the human side of digital transformation.

I speak business and informatics

I am a translator between business and technology thanks to my dual academic education and experience in marketing and informatics. See my full resume.