Thyago Ohana

I am passionate about transforming businesses by inspiring, empowering and engaging people through technology and by co-creating digital experiences everyone loves.

I strongly believe high-tech goes hand-in-hand with high-touch, the human side of digital transformation. That's why at heart, I love to create safe spaces for people to be authentic and use their full potential for growth.

My 7 Rules in Life: [1] Think like an optimist. [2] Practice intentional self-care. [3] Develop meaningful connections. [4] Enable the full potential in others. [5] Never stop learning. [6] Treat the janitor and the CEO with the same smile. [7] Learn to let go.

What I Do

Marketing meets Technology

With academic degrees combining Economics and Business Administration with Business/Media Informatics, I deliver innovation-powered solutions that drive concrete objectives. See my full resume.

Integrated Digital Marketing

I design, deploy and monitor omnichannel digital marketing strategies, including web, email, social media, content marketing, SEO/SEM and display advertising campaigns.

Customer Experience Management

I create customer journeys designed to maximize customer value and exceed expectations by combining strategic positioning and digital effectiveness in the creative process. Get in touch!

Digital Transformation

I bridge the gap between digitalization and business growth by empowering teams to become digitally aware and by making use of technology as an enabler for data-driven decision-making.