Graphic Design is everywhere!
If we take a look around and put some thought on the design of what surrounds us, we will see that these (at least most of them) are designed to be both functional and appealing. By using colors, shapes, illustrations, photography and typography, graphic design molds the way we perceive things. Graphic design is an art and as such is the result of the development of an idea into something that communicates with others and bears not only meaning, but also form/shape.

I normally compare the work of a graphic designer to that of a musician. While music differs from noise by the way it ‘organizes’ sound pleasantly to our ears, graphic design is the task of organizing colors and shapes in a way that is pleases our eyes. Additionally, just like music has styles and different people like or dislike this or that kind of music style, graphic design also has styles and people might like or dislike different types of designs.

Having graduated in International Marketing and Management and Business Informatics, I always had my ‘artistic bent’ behind my thoughts in business, which made me merge my artistic sensibility, technical skills, communication and organization abilities and turn them into the foundations of my work, all of which led me to a new course of academic studies in Media Informatics and a shift in my career into the creative side of Digital Marketing.


5-Star Graphic Design and Layout
5-Star Corporate Design
5-Star Photo and Video Editing
5-Star Print Media and Advertising
5-Star Media and Content Management
4-Star Project and Event Management
3-Star Web Design

Strengths Highlights

ANALYZING | Evaluation of existing (visual) solutions (if any) and discussion of design requirements
PLANNING | Researching, brainstorming and mocking up ideas based on input (or none) and presenting them
CREATING | Develop (visual) solutions for communication goals using computer software
OPTIMIZING | Enhance existing designs/solutions and adjust them to new scenarios
COLLABORATING | Work together with other programmers and developers to reach common goals
CONSULTING | Offer opinion on design/output best-practices such as production methods, materials and costs
OUTPUTTING | Deliver final digital design data and communicate with (commercial) printers to guarantee optimal printed output
REPORTING | Write concept, research and/or statistics reports as required.
UPDATING | Incorporate updates in already existing design/solution (when needed)

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