I am a 33-year-old man whose life is surrounded by what the mind thinks, what the books tell and what the movies show. I am the kind of guy whose heart beats faster while figuring out the next best-possible solution for a problem than hitting on a potential bedmate. I am never late. I am often ahead of time. I am always more than yesterday.
Wanna know my essence? Understand this:
I have 8 Rules in my life. They are: Think positively. Exercise daily. Stay strong. Work hard. Worry less. Be happy. Relax often. Love always. (and if it all seems too optimistic to be true, remember: happiness is a skill – you can learn it and it’s not hard.)

Over the course of my life experiences, I have made great discoveries about myself. Besides being a dedicated person whose life achievements have always proved so, I am a man who always does his best to grow in life daily. My preferred companions are technology, movies, books, music, arts or pen and paper. I am a very easygoing guy. Though, I have only a small circle of close friends, few of whom get along together.

My personal interests are mainly focused on creativity and/or business-related matters. Besides seasonal hobbies, interests and activities, my interests are:

  • (Online) Marketing/Advertisement
  • Social Media Management
  • Event Management/Promotion
  • Project Planning/Management/Promotion
  • (New) Business Development
  • (Intercultural) Management/Communication
  • Strategic Management
  • Market Research
  • Sustainable Development
  • International Trade
  • Cinema/Movie-making
  • Visual Arts/Photography/Design

As far as my passion for the arts is concerned, I ended up developing my appreciation into some kind of skill. I first learned design as a computer technical skill, which I later discovered as a fun tool for self-expression. After I started to take my first moves as a movie-maker, graphic-designer and artist and having my output analyzed by colleagues and friends, I was encouraged to take one step further and bring this hobby into a professional path. In addition to my increasing interest and continuous learning on the subjects, I have worked for some firms and organizations in Europe, Brazil and America as a freelance art director and graphic designer.

After finishing my academic education in ‘International Marketing and Management’, I took two positions within a small/medium-sized Austrian company. In 2010, after being selected to take the position of ‘Marketing Officer’ at the Indian Embassy in Vienna, I experienced a jump in my professional life. This is all due to the work-environment and the work-dynamics that only a government-level overseas diplomatic mission can offer. From market analysis and economic intelligence, passing through business match-making and event management, I also have the possibility to work with content and information management and deal with trade dispute resolutions. Among others, these tasks shape my day by giving me great opportunities to train several skills simultaneously. And at the top of all that, the ‘intercultural’ aspect plays a large role in making day-to-day work a synonym of day-to-day personal and professional development.

As of now, I am a full-time employee, part-time student and definitely full-time life-and-world explorer. As far as the future is concerned, all I want/need is to keep growing, keep learning and keep making a difference… wherever I am!

Get to know more about my education, experience, work and ideas by browsing through my website, reading my blog “My Two Bits Worth” and following my Instagram (@thyagoohana).